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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, happy friday, 4:30 i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get started with a look out your door this morning, san jose, san francisco, the big story of the day is the heat. we are talking triple digit temperatures, even downtown san francisco will see the mid-80s. for more, let's bring in meteorologist christina loren. >> it is going to be the hottest day of 2014 so far. we're starting out really mild out there, it's hard to believe we actually had significant rainfall earlier on this week. we'll talk about that heat coming up. and i want to make sure you prepare yourself for a hot day
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ahead. lots of water today and don't overdo it outdoors especially between noon and 5:00 p.m. let's switch gears. mike has the day off. we're hoping for a friday like commute overall right now. no accidents to report right now. accident-free across the bay area. we have construction that might slow you down a little bit. oakland, 880 southbound between jackson street and sixth avenue. we'll let you know when it wraps. otherwise free and clear for now. new this morning, investigators in san jose trying to piece together what led to a big fight that sent five men to the hospital. the fight broke out near darwin and bermuda way around 11:00 last night. this is pretty close to overfelt high school. three men were stabbed, two others appeared to have been hit in the head by some kind of object. maybe a bat. as of now, police say it's unclear who are the victims who are the attackers. >> we know that two groups got in a pretty large fight.
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there were several weapons involved. we don't know if both sides had weapons, but both had injuries of being struck and stabbed with weapons. >> all five men are expected to survive. those hit in the head will make sure there was no brain damage. piles of rocks and rubble are all that is left this morning after 30 homes were struck by missiles overnight in gaza. one of the air strikes reportedly killed a hamas leader and two of his sons. 156 other sights were reportedly hit including what israel claims to be a hamas military command post. one rocket fired from gaza got past israel's defense missile system and struck an empty house. it was the deadliest day with more than 100 palestinians killed. many at a united nations run school that took several direct hits. the school had also become a shelter for civilians. israel's security cabinet is
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considering ceasefire proposals today. one plan calls for five day humanitarian troops. the president of france says his soldiers recovered one of the black boxes from the air algerie plane. all 116 on board the flight, many of whom were french are dead. even though bad weather appears to be the cause, authorities are the not yet certain exactly what happened. he adds, most of the debris is in a concentrated, very small area. the passenger plane owned by the spanish company swiftair was leased to al jer ya's flagship carrier. disappeared less than an after taking off from burkina faso. today investigators are taking mare way to ukraine to examine the wreckage of malaysia airline flight 17. all 298 people on board we are
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killed. pro-russian separatists still control the area and have hampered attempts to access that site. it is 4:33, happening today, police officers armed with rifles and bullet proof vests will storm san jose university for an active shooter training drill. people should expect to see a lot of officers and hear fake gunfire. state university system requires all schools to have these drills every five years. that was scheduled for the last week of may, but it was postp e postponed after a gunman opened fire, killing six people, including three from the bay area. san francisco state professor accused of secretly taping students while they were going to the bathroom is out on bail this morning. 38-year-old mark landis is not working now, but recently taught accounting at the university. he was arrested wednesday. investigators say he invited students to his apartment in
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november. that's when one of the students reportedly found a camera hidden in a tissue box in the bathroom. >> i don't know how i would react to that. that's really surprising, i don't think a professor should be doing that. keep it on school ground. >> landis has been evicted. he's facing 15 misdemeanor accounts. 4:35, new charges against leland ye in addition to the original bribery, money laundering and gun running charges, also racketeering. federal prosecutors filed an indictment basically replacing the initial indictment with a new charge. ye and chinatown gangster raymond shrimp boy chow are the central figures in the case. complaint against the san jose department says he was abused. this is newly obtained video. happened back in may.
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teacher visiting the bay area when it happened. he was questioning police about how they were treating his friend when they threw him to the ground. struck him with a baton. he told us he was in town to give a commencement speech at san jose state. department officials did not comment other than to say they are looking into it. officers will be keeping a close eye on highway 101 once levi stadium opens, especially after three deadly crashes on the same stretch in less than a week. the most recent crash happened wednesday night. speeding bmw flipped five times killing a passenger and seriously injuring the driver. 24 hours before that, a motorcyclist was killed at the same spot trying to pass a big rig. and last friday, a sunnyvale woman died. lawrence expressway and great america parkway where the stadium is located. there is nothing that appears to make the area anymore dangerous than other parts of the flea. they also point out all three
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involved speeding and alcohol. police say the driver who ran down a man in san jose did it on purpose. the victim was walking in the south part of the stiff yesterday afternoon. the suspect hit him with a car. it happened in a shopping center parking lot near roth and brandman. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. now police say they have no idea why the driver went after that man. turning now to our microclimate forecast on this friday, a live look at san jose. i can guarantee you, this is the lowest the temperatures are going to be because in the south bay, they're going to be in the mid-90s today, spare the air day. >> upper 90s. bring them up a little bit. >> higher, higher. >> i know, i know. usually it's a good thing, right? not in our case today unfortunately. temperatures are going to be hot
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and this will be the hottest day of the kbreer. and it might catch you offguard because we did have showers, in fact we had significant rainfall come through the bay area earlier on this week. and we had that really beautiful stretch. as of today, we get into the dog days of summer, and we are looking unseasonably hot today, potentially all the way through the next maybe ten, maybe even 15 days. we could be talking about this heat all the way through the first couple weeks of august. if nothing breaks this big ridge of high pressure down. right now that seems to be the case. we're going to check for you and thicks can change rapidly. tomorrow not as hot, but this weekend, dwraet weekend to hit the beach. 85 degrees in san francisco today. 90 degrees on the east shore. 102 for the north bay, 85 in san francisco. i really want to make you aware of that because a the love people don't have air conditioners in san francisco, and that could be the case in your workplace. keep that in mind, bring a misty mate with you today, extra water
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and seek shade. it's worth it to find the extra parking spot. hot stuff out in the tri-valley, 106 degrees. that will be a new record. just to give an example. we don't hit these highs typically this time of year. this is hot for us. coincides with the garlic festival, 104 degrees today. if you want to get out there, more comfortable conditions on saturday, still, it's going to be hot. 94 degrees and 96 degrees on sunday. so just make sure you're ready for that, lots of sunscreen, lots of water in gilroy. and still i'm sure the crowds will be out there. let's get to your drive, it's going to be a jam-packed 17 over the weekend. but for right now, things are looking really good. free and clear just about everywhere. one spot with construction that could slow you down. at this time though, only by a couple minutes. you'll see a little bit of a slow drive. one lane blocked, at this point between jackson and 16th avenue. i want to show you how light it is right now on 880 looking good. we'll let you know, back to you
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scott and laura. >> thanks so much. stimahead "today in the bay," dozens of docks and cats rescued from a hoarders california home. what we're learning about growing investigation, next. plus a medical record. teenager had more than 200 teeth removed. nbc bay area wants to help local nonprofits build stronger communities. that's why we're launching 21st century solutions. new programs to earn up to $50,000. visit to apply.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone. taking a live look at gaza this morning. just piles of rocks and rubble remain after 30 homes were struck by missiles overnight. it's a situation we continue to watch. you can see smoke actually rising from this live look this morning. 4:43 right now, happening today, president obama is back in washington to meet with the leaders of three central american countries and talk about the situation at the border. the president's of guatemala, honduras, and el salvador blame the u.s. for the influx of undocumented immigrants in texas. they say people are fleeing violence in their countries and american drug dealers are keeping cartels in business.
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plus they blame congress for not passing immigration reform. >> it is a matter that arises, we believe from the lack of clarity, not is to to say the ambiguity that has become the hallmark of the policies and the debates that are being carried on. >> the president's request for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to deal with the immigration crisis is stuck on capitol hill. real estate website zillow reportedly trying to buy trulia. bloomberg talked about the possible purchase last night. it could be announced this week. it would combine the websites with the most traffic in the country. it could be as high as two billion. lists property for rent or sale on behalf of homeowners and agents. neither company has commented. come this spring, you'll be flying sfo to inn stan bull. they'll offer flights five days
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a week. by may, hopefully have flights every day. boeing 777 that'll carry 337 passengers. sfo says in addition to the people visiting turkey, the flights will provide another option for fliers traveling into europe and africa, the middle east, and india. shares in facebook hit a record high after the company reported better than expected earnings, for that and the rest of the news before the bell, let's turn to cnbc world headquarters, good morning. goor scott, happy friday, but right now looking at markets, futures are lower stocks ending mostly in chains on thursday. got to point out the s&p 500, another record high. investigators weighing earnings as well as mixed economic news on unemployment and housing. today look for data on command for big ticket dooable goods, heavy appliances and construction equipment. nasdaq edging down by one point. and amazon, they fell 10% is in afterhours trade last night as
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the retailer posted a bigger than expected loss in the latest quarter. amazon spins heavily on new investment including consumer electronics. by the way scott, the fire phone goes on sale today. that's something to keep in mind as well. >> everybody wonders, how does amazon make run, well they don't. that's the bottom line. >> a lot of people use them. the phone, it's called the fire, it's going to get hot out there in the bay area today. hottest day of the year? >> hottest day of the year so far. temperatures are really mild right now. whenever we get high pressure, it comes in strong, compresses everything, forces it to the surface, and that's what's happening right now with whatever low level moisture we have. you have plenty of low fog this morning in half moon bay. it's going to be one of the mornings where you get the compressed marine layer and you can see it at the surface. you're looking down over that low clouds. those low clouds from your high-rise building.
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so we're going to show you some really spectacular live shots this morning, yeah, today will be the hottest, sizzling weekend inland coming your way, spectacular conditions for the beaches. for example, today in santa cruz, this might blow your mind, 87 degrees. 87 degrees and we're still getting those beautiful currents out there. bringing in that warm water, 63 degrees in the pacific. now you still don't want to spend too much time in the water, it's still cold out there, but you'll notice a difference if you dip your toes in. 99 degrees for the south bay, 98 on the peninsula. 90 for the east shore, temperatures are going to be on the hot side this weekend, but if you play your cards right, you can beat the heat. we're going to give you tips for that all morning long, now into saturday and sunday. temperatures will drop off, you can see that here in the south bay. but you're going to remain in the 70s from saturday all the way through tuesday in san francisco, and now, the stretch could last, like i said, into the first two weeks of august. we could be talking about hot weather, so yeah, we've been
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spared so far, everything changes as we get into this weekend. i do want to point out there's a big event happening, san francisco marathon on sunday. if you're going, drink lots of water. temperatures cool for the marathon, 64 that's the warmest, 9:00 a.m., still, lots of water, that's still warm by san francisco standards for this time of year. back to you, scott and laura. >> good thing they started early panel. 4:48 right now, investigators think a fourth person was involved in that deadly bank robbery and chase in stockton, and they're willing to pay for information leading to an arrest, fbi, bank of the west, and crime stoppers are offering $50,000 for anyone who can help them catch the fourth person. last week, three men barged into the bank, took two tellers and customer hostage and got into a gun battle with police. two of the suspects and one hostage were killed. the third suspect was arrested. investigators think it the fourth person dropped them off at the bank that day.
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the san jose man who was stabbed and shot earlier this week has died. investigators were called to loma verdi drive. he died yesterday. officers do not have a suspect in custody. this is the city's 20th homicide this year. well hoping to avoid a lawsuit, san francisco city leaders are reviewing a $15 million settlement for the family of a woman run over by a rec and park worker. she was lying on the grass at the park with her 11 month old baby and dog, she was run over by a pickup truck. he was cutting across the grass while working at the park. meanwhile, in criminal court, the driver, thomas bernowski was facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hilt and run. spca of monterrey county is working to nurse dozens of sick animals back to health. the pets were rescued from a
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hoarders house in greenfield. about 70 dogs, cats, kittens found living in unsanitary conditions. many stacked in cages and crates around the house. they were notified on tuesday by someone who smelled something foul. officers eventually confiscated seven dogs, more than 60 cats and kittens. all dirty and thin with fleas and parasites and breathing problems. >> the house has been declared uninhabitable. it's a place that no pet or person should of ever had to endure. >> 26 of the animals were put down. investigators are not releasing the name of the people who lived in the house, but we know adult protective services and child protective services are involved in that case. a teenager in india is recovering after having more than 200 teeth removed from his mouth. >> the 17-year-old apparently has a condition called odontima. of a tumor grows under the gum, creates tooth like dentals. >> it took a team seven hours.
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>> laura's cringes. >> the boy will be okay. doctors say congratulations kid, that is a world record. >> good for him. it's a little early in the morning. >> 230, oh. >> that's a lot of dentals. let's take a break. still ahead, running from the bulls bay area style. it's taking place this weekend and not everyone was too happy about it, coming up next. and let's take you live out to san jose, mike does have the day off, we're having christina do double duty. hot forecast and a traffic update in just a minute.
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welcome back, time now 4:54, live look outside this morning at coliseum. a's are on the road taking on the rangers in texas. oakland clobbered the astros yesterday, 13-1. >> ouch. moving across the bay, live look at at&t park and mccovey cove this morning. giants are back in town. they're going to stake off because the giants will welcome the rival dodgers for the start of a huge three-game series. first place is on the line. tim lincecum squaring off against zack greinke. you can watch the action tonight, right here on nbc bay area. our coverage is going to start right after our 6:00 news at 7:00 p.m. well it appears sea hawks
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running back an oakland native marshawn lynch will skip training camp. lynch plans to hold out, he wants more money up front this season, as it stands, lynch has a basal ri of $5 million. if he's a no-show, faces up to $30,000 a day fines. five days or more, he'll have to give back part of his $6 million signing bonus. it's five million in the paycheck. >> wants a little bit more. i don't know, would you do this? from pavrp low in a to pleasanton, despite backlash. thousands are expected to take part in this weekend's great bull run, bay area style. >> thrill seek goers. that's a tough one. will grab life by the horns. quarter mile quarter while trying to dodge 18 bulls on the way. organizers are calling this a festival, animal rights activists filed a lawsuit hoping to stop this in its tracks.
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it appears a claim is tied up in courts. >> it is actually tomorrow at alameda county fairgrounds. i always thought that the one in pavrp low in a, narrow. and dangerous. >> i'd watch from a balcony. >> that's as close as i'd get. not a good weekend for bull running, but good weekend to get to the beach if you left now. let's check christina and traffic. >> and that's no bull, it is going to be hot out there as we head throughout this afternoon. mark my words, you're going to be hearing a lot about this heat from your colleagues, from people on the street that you don't even know, i can tell you right now, it's going to stick with us for a while. not to the magnitude we're expecting for today. definitely the rule of thumb, 880 southbound, the construction has cleared, everything's up to speed from here. high street through oakland on 880, good looking drive so far
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this morning. what else is happening out here, 101 at 280, headlights on the northbound side, no delays just yet, but that volume is increasing. it's an easy drive for now, 101 at university through palo alto, as everybody heads to their tech jobs, this is going to change in a matter of time. we'll keep you updated and look at your forecast in just a moment. stick around, scott and laura. still ahead on "today in the bay," the fighting escalates in gaza, new air strikes hit dozens of homes overnight. new developments after the plus bring on that heat. we'll talk about the triple digit temperatures, how hot it could get where you live and how you can cool off, coming up next.
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new air strikes in the middle east overnight, both sides consider a new ceasefire proposal. we'll have new details next. plus new developments in the fight to act as a popular peninsula beach. how a state commission could end up overriding the court. and it's going to be the
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hottest day of the year so far. heat coming on strong for the entire bay area. we will see that summer sizzle over the weekend as well, spectacular beach conditions, and some warm water out there. we have a lot to go over this morning in your microclimate weather forecast. and let's take a live look outside at san jose, good morning san jose, friday, july 25th, this is "today in the bay". from northbound bay area -- nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're talking about what a hot start it'll be to the today. christina loren joins with us a look at that forecast. >> hey, good morning to you. 5:00, happy friday, thanks for waking up with us. i want to help you get out the front door if you're headed off to work right now with a couple bullet points. number one, it's going to be hot out there. number two, it's going to stay hot for quite some time, in fact e


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